Found Object



Improvisations on, and using, vintage LP covers.

Works are built on a basic grid structure. I see this as a parallel to basic 3 chord harmony found in popular music. Layers are built up using pieces cut from the covers, adding color, rhythm and content to the compositions -- much like building a song from a basic harmony.

I feel that I improvise with the original album designer. Taking visual elements and reinterpreting them. I build up a collage from the original back cover layout by simplifying certain parts, obscuring or modifying others, and sometimes keeping a few intact. The original design elements are a sketch, ultimately functioning as palimpsest in the work.

Popular songs generally have lyrics. I play around with the form of words --
abstracting them or combining them in a Burroughs-esque cut up style. I let some phrases rise to the top from the underlying original content -- usually re-contextualized.

To reinforce the cover art theme, each work has a pronounced title embedded in the work.

For me, the album cover was a gateway into the world of visual art. These works pay homage to those artists.

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